“Quilt Care” now on Amazon

My “Quilt Care” book is again on Amazon! Look here!

This is the book you need if you own a quilt, handmade, new, used or antique, or make quilts. It has best practices for selecting and testing materials, washing, drying, storing, displaying, appraising, insuring, shipping and documenting.

I worked this summer with Chris Hoffmeister, Western Sky Design, LLC, graphic designer for the “Cheyenne Birds” book, to upload “Quilt Care, Construction and Use Advice: How to Help Your Quilt Live to 100, Full-color Edition” to IngramSpark, a print-on-demand distributor. From there, books can migrate to Amazon.

Working with Chris and Ingram means a much higher quality book than my DIY attempt back in 2017.

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