“Cheyenne Birds” restocked!

I just picked up the latest batch of “Cheyenne Birds by the Month” from our favorite printer, PBR Printing, here in Cheyenne. With the improved binding it won’t matter how many times you open your book to find a bird.

Some of the regular outlets have reopened so I will check to see which need books. Riverbend Nursery here in Cheyenne restocked at the beginning of June.

“Quilt Care, Construction and Use Advice” is available directly from me. See my contact information.

The last three months have been incredibly productive–not including the pandemic baking–so keep in touch to see what comes of it.

It’s yucca-blooming season today in the foothills near Cheyenne, the plant Yucca Road Press is named for!


P.S. Stop over at Cheyenne Bird Banter and Cheyenne Garden Gossip for my Wyoming Tribune Eagle column archives.

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