Quilt Care book published!

2014-06-03 Gardens at Spring Creek 24 yucca 2My first book, “Quilt Care, Construction and Use Advice” has its genesis in all the quilted pillows and placemats I made in the 1980s for friends and family graduating and getting married. I wanted to let them know how to take care of the quilts I was giving them.

By 1998, with time enough to experience my own quilt care mistakes, I came out with a simple quilt care label that could be sewn on a home-made quilt. I sold and gave away 90,000 before retiring the business at the beginning of 2017.

But there’s a lot more to quilt care than washing instructions and so I embarked on a series of columns for the Wyoming State Quilt Guild’s newsletter, Patchwords. Someone suggested it would be nice if I would collect all the advice into a book.

The next adventure was to decipher “Print on Demand” software. Having had 10,000 quilt care labels manufactured and delivered at one time didn’t create storage problems, but mountains of books and printing expenses and shipping concerns are more than I want to deal with.

I went with Amazon’s POD services because they print nice-looking books and because they are a household name everyone can remember and which they trust.

I have other books in mind and so soon Yucca Road Press will be more than a one-book pony.

Where does the name “Yucca Road Press” come from? I live on Yucca Road (pronounced YUCK-ah). The yucca is an interesting and unique-looking plant. Someday, I’ll tell you more about it.

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