“Cheyenne Birds” featured in Wyoming Wildlife magazine

wgfd_logoPete Arnold and I were interviewed for an article in the April 2019 issue of Wyoming Wildlife, the magazine of the Wyoming Game and Fish Department, about “Cheyenne Birds by the Month.” One of Pete’s photos is featured and there is a half page ad for the book explaining how to order it through the WGFD online store–see Yucca Road Press’s (this site’s) Book page.

Wyoming Wildlife’s circulation is nation-wide. If you would like to subscribe, go to https://wgfd.wyo.gov/About-Us/Wyoming-Wildlife. It’s $12.95 for 12 issues per year jam-packed with photos (including the annual photo contest Pete helps judge) and information about Wyoming’s wild animals. You can also order back issues.

Here’s what assistant editor Tracie Binkerd had to say about our book:

Book breaks down birds to watch for each month

Cheyenne – Two birdwatchers from Cheyenne have teamed up to release a book filled with photographs and descriptions of birds commonly found in the area.

“Cheyenne Birds by the Month,” by Barb Gorges and Pete Arnold, depicts 104 bird species found in Wyoming’s capital city. Although focused on birds in Cheyenne, the species in the book are often found throughout the state and in northern Colorado. The book walks readers through each month and describes some of the birds commonly seen during that time of year. While the book represents each bird in a single month, many of the birds can be seen during other times of the year.

Gorges has gained recognition as one of Cheyenne’s leading birdwatchers through her monthly bird column, which has appeared in the Wyoming Tribune Eagle for 20 years. Gorges teamed up with photographer Pete Arnold, a regular judge of the Wyoming Wildlife magazine photo contest, for a “Bird of the Week” series which ran in the newspaper from 2008 to 2010.

The book features photographs taken primarily by Arnold and short descriptions by Gorges with insights into the birds’ behaviors. The descriptions provide a general impression of each species for the beginning birdwatcher, but some facts will surprise even experienced birders.

“I think this book is good for anybody who has any interest at all in birds. Almost every bird in this book is common in this area at some point in the year,” said Arnold.

Most of the 104 species shown in the book are considered to be common sights in and around Cheyenne, but some are less common and may take some searching. Although not intended to be used as a sole source for bird identification, many people have found the book useful for that purpose.

“We’re finding that people are using it to identify birds,” said Gorges. “They’re using it as a field guide. But our idea is to get people interested in birds.”

Publishing the book came with its own set of challenges. Gorges started her own publishing company for the book with the intent to only publish it locally, something she calls “micropublishing.” She used a local company to print the book for release in October and has worked with Arnold to contact local businesses to sell it.

“Cheyenne Birds by the Month” is available at the Wyoming Game and Fish Department store at the Cheyenne office and through the online store. It can also be found at multiple locations in Cheyenne and at the University of Wyoming in Laramie.

–Tracie Binkerd, WGFD



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